Bookkeeping and Accounting Agency Melbourne

With over a decade of experience, Bookaid is a thriving and dynamic Consulting business in Melbourne dedicated to supporting businesses specialising in retail industries cash flow analysis.

We are based in Melbourne and pride ourselves on offering all our clients financial analysis to boost cash flow and have practises to boost accounting services. We look after our clients so well, that many have stayed with us long term and have referred many of their associates and friends to us.

So whether your receipts are in a mess, your invoices are all over the place, your payroll is causing you unnecessary stress or your systems need streamlining, we are top Melbourne bookkeeping professionals who will take the paperwork off your hands and give you back valuable time to work on your business.

Bookaid works on a solid relationship with businesses to capture the core cash flow from operating activities to ensure strong liquidity, through financial modelling and evaluation

Founded by a former accountant Nadia Elmoustafa who spent five years working in top accounting firms, Bookaid is more than a accounting business. We know what is needed to meet your taxation and compliance obligations, keep both the ATO and your Accountant happy, whilst providing you with an efficient and expert service, that delivers to you timely reporting on which to base sound business decisions. We provide add on services, to tailor a complete accounting package.

Good cash flow, which is sometimes be overlooked, is crucial to the success of any business. Good bookkeeping can impact on a business in so many ways, such as cash flow and debt collection. If you don’t invoice promptly or don’t know who owes you money, how can you be effectively performing debt collection activities?

Our passion is to help our clients make the most of what they earn to build a better, more fruitful and productive business, giving them back time and reducing stress levels.

– Highly professional
– Based in Melbourne
– A member of ABN Network
– A registered Tax Agent
– Xero certified bookkeeper

Use a local and reliable Melbourne tax specialist who doesn’t just talk about cash flow, but delivers it! We spend a significant amount of time evaluating the flow of funds in a business and identify potential problems

Talk to us about:

  • Catch up bookkeeping and ‘rescue’ work
  • Debt Collection – getting your money back in your pocket
  • ATO debt and assistance
  • Administration & Streamlining Office Processes
  • Data Entry, Reconciliations
  • Payroll & Superannuation
  • Assistance in entry of asset purchases, new finance transactions & asset disposals
  • Cashflow Reporting & Budgets
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Financial Reporting
  • If you are needing your tax returns completed as well by an excellent Melbourne Tax Agent, call us today.

If you invest in us we will provide a cost effective and strategic bookkeeping service that will give you freedom of time and peace of mind to concentrate on operating your business in the way you know best.

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